1986 Black Mammoth 15.1 HH

STUD FEE $555*


Live Cover: No  
Chilled Semen: No
Frozen Semen: Yes (P.I.G.)
Availability: Year-round
Video: No
Performance Type: Multiple

This sire is an excellently conformed, strong-boned 'old style' jack with an absolutely impeccable disposition. Reportedly bred in Kansas from Siemon's Glenn background, fertility-tested frozen semen is available. Best crossed on either draft mares to produce stump-pulling work mules, or on fine-boned mares such as Arabians and Thoroughbreds for a good riding or halter mule, several offspring photos are available.  THUNDERBOLT is the sire of Timberlakes Sassafras, the 2003 NASMA World Champion Yearling Molly Mule, and has been selected by the Mount Vernon Estate to create the first mules bred at George Washington's farm in more than two hundred years.  Offspring photos are available!

Sperm count is exceptionally high; all mares bred in 1999 settled on the first insemination. All mares bred in 2000 and 2001 got in foal on the first or second try.  *Stud Fee includes your choice of either the first semen shipment including freight anywhere in North America; or first month's board of your mare at P.I.G.; or the first estrus cycle's veterinary work on your mare.


THUNDERBOLT; unregistered