Gambler ET
1996 Medium Red Senepol
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Height: 59"
Polled/Scurred: Polled
Chilled Semen: Yes (P.I.G.)
Frozen Semen: Yes (P.I.G.)
Availability: Year-round
Video: No

A modest-framed, easy-calving bull with outstanding disposition, and homozygous for the GeneStar tenderness gene.  He was our first frozen embryo transfer and has been with us his entire life.  56" shoulder height; 59" hip height, weight 1925 pounds and scrotal circumference of 44.3cm as of July, 2004. The University of Hawaii purchased a round of semen from this bull, introducing the breed to the Big Island in 1999.  The locals were very pleased with the results, and the University has retained four crossbred offspring as breeding bulls.  GAMBLER ET is very typical of the breed and his EPD's make him a good choice for tough conditions where supplementary feed is not going to be available.  We have never had to trim his feet and he is going on 9 years of age.  GAMBLER ET produces better looking offspring than himself; GAMBLIN FOOL 005J is a son of his.

Adult Weight:   1925
Milk Production:  
Frame Size:  
Maternal Milk:   5.7  
Weaning Weight:   -1.0  
Scrotal Circumference:    
Maternal Calving Ease:    
Birth Weight:   -1.0  
Maternal Wean Weight:    
Yearling Weight:   2.2  

Gambler ET Fullblood #1077569

  CN 2556 Fullblood #1004604   CN 1675    
  K 5    
  CN 1606 Fullblood #1002661   Multiple Sire    
  CG 3734