DC 419
1992  White Park
Straws: $ 8.
quantity discount/certificates at current Registry charge


Polled/Scurred: Polled
Chilled Semen: No
Frozen Semen: Yes (P.I.G.)
Availability: Year-round
Video: No

White Park cattle were introduced to Great Britain by the Romans in 55 B.C. and ran wild until the 1700's, when they were domesticated. The name "White Park" comes form large, game-preserve-like enclosures in which these cattle were kept. During World War II, Churchill issued an order to burn and slaughter all crops and cattle if the Germans invaded England. Five cows and one bull were shipped by British White Park breeders to the United States as a safety precaution. Following the war, these cattle were not returned to England, and most ended up in Illinois.

The breed possesses black ears, nose, eyes, and front legs which tends to dominate over other color patterns when crossbred. The breed running wild for nearly two mellenia has self-eliminated hard calvers, poor mothers, and lack of hardiness. Birth weights are low, yet growth rates and mature sizes are comparable to Hereford, Angus, and Shorthorn cattle. Pigmentation around the eyes virtually eliminates pinkeye problems.  We have sold several hundred straws of this bull to semen distributors for use on Holstein heifers.

Adult Weight:  
Milk Production:  
Frame Size:  
Maternal Milk:    
Weaning Weight:    
Scrotal Circumference:    
Maternal Calving Ease:    
Birth Weight:    
Maternal Wean Weight:    
Yearling Weight:    

DC 419

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