We frequently receive inquiries and requests from clients and colleagues regarding personal instruction in some specific procedure, or for the training of their sire for semen collection. We handle these inquiries on a "custom" basis. We can provide anything from a basic, two-hour overview, to an in-depth two-week course for one to four people at a time. Course size is limited to no more than four to allow maximal interaction and hands-on experience for the participants. In many cases, there is considerable preparation required for these courses, including synchronization and superovulation of embryo donors and recipients. Prior custom courses include training in caprine and ovine (goat and sheep) embryo transfer and semen cryopreservation; equine semen collection, processing, and AI; mare reproductive management; bovine semen freezing, AI and ET (including embryo freezing); and canine semen collection and AI; More about CUSTOM COURSES.  Cost varies greatly depending upon the number of attendees and preparation required. 
    This two to five day course is designed to teach the basics in direct transfer of both the "One Step" and "Three Step" frozen embryos in a private or small group format, using a small amount of lecture, lots of questions and answers, reproductive tract palpation, and live cow procedures.  Next course schedule is open at this time.
    A five day, intensive, semi-private, and "hands-on" course affording the participant a detailed enough introduction to our methods of equine semen cryopreservation to set up their own laboratory and begin practicing quality work. Includes extender preparation from scratch, and complete lists of chemicals, suppliers, supplies, and equipment.  Courses scheduled on demand.
    A four day, intensive, hands-on training course in canine reproduction procedures including semen collection, evaluation, chilled shipping, cryopreservation, insemination using fresh and frozen semen; ovulation timing, vaginal cytology, AI techniques including transcervical catheterization, AKC recordkeeping, and export testing. Courses scheduled on demand.
    Autumn only.  Semen cryopreservation, cervical and laparoscopic AI, synchronization and superovulation, embryo recovery and transfer, embryo cryopreservation.  Five intensive days; class size limited to three.  Cost depends upon number of attendees; please contact us for current information.