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Pacific International Genetics is a veterinary practice devoted exclusively to reproduction. Founded in 1988 by Dr. Paul Mennick, after three years of back-to-back breeding season experience in New Zealand, California and Australia, "PIG" is dedicated to providing all clients the very best possible fertility services, and to producing the very best possible quality frozen semen.  As of January 2005, we have clients in 22 countries and all fifty states.

P.I.G. has, since inception, pursued its own, self-funded research, aimed at improving fertility with frozen semen in many species. Among our firsts are the industry's only "money-back fertility guarantee" for semen cryopreservation work (our fourteenth year; see "semen freezing" under the" index of services" section); a unique and extremely thorough method of testing stallions to determine the best individual cryopreservation method; advancement in techniques to preserve epididymal sperm recovered from rare or valuable sires post-mortem; the first United States exports of frozen equine semen to Czechoslovakia, Sri Lanka, and the Phillippines; unique extenders which successfully preserve semen from "problem" bulls unable to be frozen by traditional methods; hosting of extremely detailed and semi-private courses in various aspects of veterinary reproduction (unlike the brief and crowded University short-courses); and development of local swine AI programs and techniques for embryo transfer and cryopreservation in dogs.

Drawing upon experience in several countries, including many stays with other experts having expertise in a variety of species and procedures, P.I.G. continues to seek the experience of others to help formulate new procedures and new techniques. Excellence is rarely the sole product of individual brilliance, but often the collaborative work of many.  To this end, each member of the team offers unique and extensive expertise with certain species.

Our 72 acre facility near Red Bluff, California, is custom designed for the housing, care, and breeding of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and dogs. We stand stallions, jacks, boars, and bulls "at stud", perform routine breeding procedures and fertility treatments including embryo transfer and embryo cryopreservation using the latest computer-controlled freezing devices, and provide "phantom training" services for stallions. The facility is USDA inspected and approved as an export quarantine facility for semen meeting the very stringent New Zealand protocols, and we also export bovine embryos. We have been inspected by and are AKC certified as a canine collection facility.  Over 300 sires are in stock by frozen semen, with many more in storage privately for their owners.  Semen pickup and shipping capability is available seven days per week.  P.I.G. currently acts as an agent for several warmblood stallion breeders, including Team Nijhof and Daan Horn in The Netherlands, Kedra House Stud in Ireland, and Malouin Manor in southern California, with over two dozen stallions thus available to North American breeders.

P.I.G. also dedicates its abilities toward the preservation of rare breeds and endangered species. Dr. Mennick has volunteered his time as a member of the Board of Directors for the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to the public education and preservation of disappearing livestock breeds; and is working with zoos and consultants to assist in the preservation of endangered species, such as the onager and white rhinoceros. In addition, special discounts and preservation programs are offered to all clients and organizations interested in pursuing reproductive work with any species considered rare and/or endangered.

Dr. Donald Peter, Board-Certified in Theriogenology (reproduction) is in charge of operations at the only bull-collection facility in the Pacific Northwest (Frontier Genetics, Hermiston, Oregon), and works with Dr. Mennick on various projects at Pacific International Genetics.

Continuing education is an important part of providing high quality services; Dr. Mennick has attended all but one of the Society for Theriogenology annual meetings for the past fifteen years, and has given presentations at three of them.

Pacific International Genetics welcomes all inquiries, and we will also attempt to answer questions of a general nature as time permits. Please do not, however, ask us to diagnose or "prognose over the phone"; we cannot provide the best service to any patient without a detailed investigation of the patient's prior history, and quite possibly a hands-on physical examination. Consultation regarding specific cases is available by telephone, fax, or e-mail.  Dr. Mennick also occasionally provides "expert witness" consultation.

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