Pacific International Genetics offers a complete range of sire services in addition to routine fertility evaluation and treatment. Assistance with Sire promotion, including individual pages on this Website, and the standing of sires at stud at our facility are an integral part of this service.  We can offer as little or as much assistance as the sire owner desires, up to and including the production of videos, handling of contracts, and International distribution.

Standing a sire at stud can involve any level of participation on the part of the owner. Many of our sire owners enjoy retaining responsibility for much of the marketing, handling of contracts, and at least occasional showing of the sire to prospective breeders, leaving the 'technical' aspects to us. Some of the sires we stand at our facility are owned locally, and are transported to us only for the breeding process. Still others spend time with us receiving "one-on-one" training in semen processing and shipping techniques, and assistance in procuring low-cost but acceptable-quality equipment in order to set up their own shipping service.

Other clients prefer to be free of the day-in, day-out responsibility of showing the sire to visitors, entertaining numerous requests for videos or information, having to respond to last-minute pleas for semen, and the do-it-yourself necessity of having a lot of equipment handy. With this situation, we can provide every level of attention, including the handling of contracts and disbursement of breeding fees, sire reports, Registry identification procedures, promotional aspects such as mailing of videos, production and distribution of frozen semen meeting export requirements, in addition to daily nutritional and exercise management.

We also consult with owners regarding the potential value to them in marketing their animals, and on occasion enter into agreements with clients to provide much or all of our work at little or no cost to the sire owner, in exchange for a share of future semen sales.

One must never forget that sire management involves three different parts to make a "successful" whole. First, the sire himself must be cared for and supported nutritionally to maintain maximum reproductive potential. In times of "stress", the body tends to shut down the reproductive system first; a natural element of survival. To maintain top reproductive condition, the animal must be in top form, both physically and mentally. In our daily observations working with patients, we make note of their behavioral attitude toward other animals, ourselves, and their enclosure, and make any adjustments that they indicate to us might improve their level of contentment. Once in their "niche", a regular breeding routine is developed so that the sire quickly becomes familiar with his handlers, the breeding routine, as well as non-breeding procedures.

Second, our expertise in semen collection and processing is another critical element. Every aspect of this procedure is under constant scrutiny, as a small error at any point can cause significant (and not always immediately visible) problems. Quality control is essential, and this includes an information card sent with EVERY semen shipment detailing information of value to the breeder on the other end. This also includes being available for consultation, 24 hours per day, to the receiver or their veterinarian; we have always offered this service free of additional charge.

Finally, the best sire producing the best semen is of little value to breeders if they are not aware of his availability, and he won't make much of a living for his owner, either. Hence, the necessity for 'marketing and promotion'. We are keenly aware of the importance of all three of these parts to the whole picture, and offer our expertise wherever and however a sire owner determines that we can help.  Any sire of any species that we handle the fresh or frozen semen for can have his own Sire Page on this website at no cost.