Having considerable knowledge about a great many breeding facilities that we have visited and worked in, plus the latest in equipment technology, and access to many talented custom manufacturers, we provide a detailed laboratory design service.  This can be as simple as an e-mail communication recommending a specific piece of equipment, or as complex as an on-site planning from the ground up with your contractors, followed by complete stocking of the finished site with proper footing material, equipment, and recommended supplies (right down to microscope cover slips), and then on-site training of your staff. As always, we tailor our recommendations to fit our clients aesthetic preferences and budget, while selecting the highest quality and most functional equipment.  Sometimes it is best to invest a few more dollars in something because it will last many times longer and be easier to use than a slightly cheaper model. 

Some of the laboratories that we have had a hand in designing and equipping include Mariana Farms in Valley Center, California; Joan Irvine Smith's Indian Hills Ranch also in Valley Center; Atwood Stallion Station in Orland, California; and Rocky Mountain Warmbloods in Rancho Santa Fe, California. 

Our laboratory design service is available for any species worldwide. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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