Both Dr. Peter and Dr. Mennick are available for consultation regarding most any aspect of animal reproduction. Their professional focus is on a particular discipline, not a particular species. Even so, each has his own special areas of expertise, so any questions or special projects that arise will be tackled by the doctor most appropriate for the task, and if neither feels they are qualified to handle a particular request, they will refer the inquirer to someone who is.  As members of the Society for Theriogenology, they personally know many other individuals in private practice and at Universities with special areas of expertise.

Brief questions regarding specific aspects of reproduction, or suggestions to colleagues regarding a specific case, may be submitted at any time. E-mail is most efficient, as they can respond most quickly without disruption to busy schedules.  There will often be further questions that they need the answers to, in order to fully understand the problem at hand, and thus formulate the best response. Second opinions on difficult cases are also provided; normally only after lengthy conversation with the veterinarians already involved, so that exact knowledge of procedures already performed, and test results already obtained, are known.

More involved projects, involving several days or weeks abroad, may be arranged on a custom basis. Dr. Peter has given courses in bovine embryo transfer; Dr. Mennick in equine, canine,  and bovine semen cryopreservation, and various clinical aspects of reproduction (see respective resumes in the "About Us" section). Dr. Mennick also has experience setting up complete laboratories, and training others to perform semen and embryo handling techniques.  In 2000, for example,  Dr. Mennick travelled to Jamaica to train a dozen bovine AI technicians how to freeze semen from, and how to AI goats.

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