Canine Embryo Transfer

Very little work has been done to this point with embryo transfer in dogs. The primary reason has been our inability to manipulate the unusual, canine estrous cycle. Depending upon breed, female dogs cycle only once every three to ten months, and we are unable to reliably alter or affect that natural program. Given this predicament, how can we synchronize donor and recipients, especially to within 24 hours of one another?

The possibility exists, however, to successfully perform embryo transfer by simply freezing recovered embryos, after breeding the donor whenever she chooses to go through estrus, and then waiting until a recipient also chooses to go through estrus to perform the transfer at the appropriate stage of her cycle. This approach requires no manipulation of either donor or recipient cycling whatsoever, although one must be a bit more patient to witness the results! Both donor and recipient must be carefully monitored on a daily basis during estrus, in order to accurately pinpoint the time of ovulation, and hence exact "stage" of the cycle. This is done through routine serum analysis of hormone levels, just as for routine breeding and artificial insemination timing. Embryos must be recovered before they have grown too large to successfully cryopreserve.

We are currently investigating this possibility, and are cooperating with interested breeders and veterinarians on a "no charge" basis. Please contact us if you are interested