Bovine Embryo Transfer

We offer complete cattle embryo transfer services, including occasional recipients, heat detection and management, embryo freezing with our computer-regulated freezing unit, embryo storage, import and export capability, and monitored parturition of valuable calves. Export work is dependent upon the specific and current regulations of the destination country, which should be checked before starting any such project. Dr. Peter periodically comes down from Frontier Genetics in Oregon to assist with larger projects.

Most transfers are performed nonsurgically, although we have successful experience with surgical transfer as well. Heat detection is performed many times per day, including evenings and after dark. We particularly like the "Bovine Beacons", which glow in the dark for several hours after activation, and thus greatly assist in late night heat detection. Nighttime heat detection is particularly important in hot weather. Artificial insemination of donor cows is performed multiple times, using multiple straws, for best fertilization rates. FSH dosages are individually determined, based on breed, age, weight, and prior history of each cow. Since an unexpectedly successful flush may yield more embryos than we have programmed recipients for, the ability to freeze extra embryos is important. We have the experience and capability to freeze and transfer embryos by either the "old-fashioned" three-step, glycerol method, or by the newer, "direct transfer" method.

Donors brought to our facility are allowed a period to "settle in" to their new surroundings, and programming then begins based upon their individual condition, history, and current reproductive status. Nutritional management is an important part of successful reproductive processes; we monitor condition and adjust feed as needed in order to have donors and recipients on a "rising plane" of nutrition during the programming and transfer stages. This is why we want our animals on green pasture as best possible, and not confined to a dusty dry-lot. We also provide "free-choice" vitamin-mineral supplementation throughout the period, such as Garino Livestock's "Four Fertility Plus".

Embryo transfer programs can also be set up for "on-farm" execution, with the client performing all programming and AI work. In this situation, adequate chute and laboratory facilities must be available; please contact us for details.

Calving of resident recipients in done on green pasture, or in one of our video-monitored parturition stalls, depending upon the weather and client requirements. Valuable calves can be anticipated with 24-hour observation, using our tiny, "suture-in-place" radio transmitter device, which detects early dilation, and sends out a signal setting off an office alarm and/or pager, alerting the attending veterinarian.